1 Year Anniversary

Wow, has it really been that long?

A lot has changed this last year with (formerely) A Good Day to Die, apart from a name change ;)

Here are some things that have happened since we first released the game to you peeps!

  • We became part of the Game Incubator program at Skövde Science Park, connecting us to several other game developers!
  • The art style underwent major changes 2 times! First to a more stylized look with darker tones, then to a pixel style!

  • The combat system has underwent 5 iterations, each with changes to how you switch powers, the addition of ultimate abilities, reloading, to name a few.
  • New items and powers have been added and changed.
  • New enemies and an alternative boss added.
  • The primary level was split into a 3-part cluster system.
  • Objectives were added!

Thank you for your continued support! Here's to the upcoming year(s)!

Get Roll, Die, Go Home

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