Next patch, what's coming up?

Content update!

New items & powers!

First things first! We've been hard at work to build a modular system for creating new items and powers. Building this system has been a time-consuming endeavor, but it will allow us to pump out new content faster than before. You can see some of the new items below!

We're also adding in new objectives and dice powers for you to discover!


Gamefeel and Flow

We're updating the combat system, this time our focus is on improving the gamefeel and the flow of combat. Some upcoming features include:

  • Automatic reload of ammo
  • We're planning to change how you switch powers and we'd love your feedback! We're going to release some experimental builds on our Discord over the next weeks, please hop in and help us playtest 
  • Your ultimate charge will now decrease over time, but not while it's full

If you have any questions about the upcoming changes, come talk to us on our Discord!

Playtesting development builds!

We're planning to release some very experimental builds of the game through our Discord! These builds might be filled with bugs but they are a great way for you to see what we're working on right now and give us direct feedback as we're developing it.

If you're interested, join our Discord and look for the "Playtest" channel!

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