Bug fixes and Quality of Life improvements

We've been hard at work fixing the bugs discovered since the latest build, after this our focus will be on more content. Roadmap for planned features coming soon!


  • Improvements to audio balancing.
  • Added sound assets to boss-room door.


  • Added text prompts for reward dice.
  • HUD now fades out during certain key moments
  • Added symbols to mini-map UI indicating "Portal" and "Treasure" rooms respectively.
  • Added resolution and fullscreen options.
  • Better UI scaling for different resolutions.


  • Increases to most bullet sizes.
  • Fixed health not being displayed correctly after picking up items.
  • It shouldn't be as easy to get out of bounds as before.
  • Re-balancing  and re-structuring of some rooms
  • Restructuring of the current "Portal" rooms to make them more distinct
  • AC/DieC's ultimate now strikes more often when fighting the boss.
  • Fixed a bug to the AC/DieC power that caused the player to get stuck while in the boss room and not stopping after restart.

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