Bugfixes, visual improvements and other platforms

We've gone ahead and made two versions for Mac and Linux,
but we haven't been able to test them so they might be EXTRA BUGGY.

The next update will have a bigger focus on more content, more specifically more items and powers.
Pre-production on the next world has also started and we'll have more to show there soon!

With the help of our discord channel we've gone and fixed a bunch of bugs in the game.

UI Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the continue button being way larger than it looked.
  • UI scaling no longer bugs out when switching resolutions
  • Inventory overlapping with other elements in the ingame menu no longer happens
  • The rooms on the minimap are no longer highlighted after teleporting to them.
  • Added a marker to the portal rooms on the map

Visual Fixes and Improvements

  • The ammo counter no longer shows an extra bullet even when completely out of bullets.
  • The player's body no longer gets displaced sometimes when teleporting between rooms.
  • Added trails to various bullets.

World and Player Fixes

  • Fixed some pathing and collision issues in various rooms
  • Treasure rooms no longer have a chance of giving you nothing
  • You can no longer pause the game during world generation causing it to not finish generating.
  • Swinging your head out of bounds should now be much harder.
  • You can no longer instakill the boss if you manage to bypass the trigger that stops your movement.
  • Using your ultimate would not allow you to pick up your head unless you teleport to it. This no longer happens.


Roll, Die, Go Home Linux.zip 44 MB
Apr 18, 2019
Roll, Die, Go Home.zip 41 MB
Apr 18, 2019
Roll, Die, Go Home Mac OSX.zip 43 MB
Apr 18, 2019

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