Loot, Home and Pixels

Shops and coins

Capitalism has finally been introduced in the Risky Rim with brand new currency! Everyone’s got a bit of coin on them, you’ve just got to beat it out of them.

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale, from developer EasyGameStation

More specifically, we’ve added coins that you can spend in various shops to buy items, powers, healing, etc. Right now there are two merchants skulking around in the dungeon, selling shady goods that you probably shouldn’t ask where they’ve gotten them from. 
At the end of a run you keep all the coins you’ve gathered, which you can then use to further your progress in your home base. In your home base you can use coins to upgrade buildings and powers, unlock new loot, expand your base and unlock new areas, just to name a few uses.

Pixel Art

A couple of months ago we considered changing up the art style for the game to be able to create more in less time. You see, the previous art style we had required a lot of work for each piece, even if it was a small thing like the coins previously mentioned, or a healing-pick-up. Now with a pixel art style we can work much faster, and create a lot more content for you to enjoy!

Concept art, not actual in-game footage

The Landing

Even in the gloomy dungeons of the Risky Rim, everyone wants a cozy warm place to go back to. In this patch we are releasing a whole new area, the Landing. This is where you’ll go whenever you fall in the dungeons and where you’ll unlock new loot to find, meet new characters and power up yourself.

Although safe, the Landing still contains many secrets. They are hidden away on remote islands, shrouded by the thick mist that seems to cover most of the water. With a bit of effort you might reach these islands and discover what they hold. Maybe there’s a treasure chest waiting for you or a lost wanderer, waiting for a rescue?

This also means that your progress between plays will be saved. However, we cannot promise that you’ll be able to migrate your saved data to future patches. We’d rather focus on bringing you more content and making that content great so that your next playthrough will feel even more amazing than the previous one!

Clusters & Objectives

We’ve revamped the level structure and upped the sense of direction by adding clusters and objectives. Clusters are like mini-dungeons filled with enemies, chests and challenges, with an objective tied to it. Objectives are like minor quests, they usually involve slaying some enemies or fetching a specific item. When completed, you can advance to the next cluster.

Our goal with the objectives is to offer a diverse range of mini-goals that make every run unique. Right now we are just trying it out and we’ll adjust it according to playtests and feedback. We also have a lot more objectives in works, so expect a larger variety in future updates!

If you have any ideas for cool objectives, let us know! You can find us on Discord.

We hope you’re looking forward to new patch as much as we are!

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