Huge Update!

It’s been a while since our last update but we’ve been hard at work getting you this new update. The latest version of the game was very much in a prototype-stage, we were testing the core gameplay and the theme. The last months we have been planning the future development and we’ve also spent a great deal of time both expanding and polishing the gameplay. Anyway, on to more specifics!

Ultimate attacks & Reworked Combat System

The player combat system has been reworked. Each dice power now has its own unique basic attack and Ultimate.
But what's an Ultimate? - Hitting enemies now charges your die with power and when it’s fully charged, you can unleash a powerful Ultimate attack. Every time you unleash an Ultimate the die will reroll, equipping you with a new power. This new approach to power design will allow us to create a much more varied pool of powers. 

New dice power

In addition to all the dice powers being updated we’ve also added a new dice power:

  • AC/DieC
    Charge up with lightning! This dice power disables your basic attack but instead creates a beam of lightning between you and your head. Catch your enemies in the beam for some massive damage! Its Ultimate calls down lightning strikes to smite your enemies.

New enemy

Tricky tack enters the fray! This cute and spiky enemy will burrow down when it sees you and then try to impale you from below. Watch out for the shadow below you!

Updated graphics

A Good Day to Die has a new look! All the interior design has changed and we’ve reworked props and added lighting.

Soundtrack & additional sound effects added

We added a dynamic soundtrack, and a bunch of new sound effects.

Gamepad support

We’ve taken the time to add controller/gamepad support. Please try it out and tell us how it feels!

Bugs fixed

As you might've imagined there has been a lot of bugfixing the last couple of months, with a focus on game feel and world generation.
The game is now stable (for the most part) and we’d love it if you would tell us of any bugs that you might encounter as you play.

That’s pretty much it for this update, have fun and keep rolling!

Get Roll, Die, Go Home

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