Major Update! Roll, Die, Go Home

Hey everyone! It's finally here!

This big update brings a lot of new things to the Risky Rim, but first we'd like to announce that we're changing the name of A Good Day to Die to... *insert drumroll*

Roll, Die, Go Home!

We'll make a post later on in the week explaining why we did this, but the short version is that the old name was too long and unnecessarily clunky to say and remember.

Pixel art

The biggest change is that we've switching up the art style (again!). Prepare to explore the dungeons in a new crispy pixel-ey way!

The Landing

A home, a hub, a place to rest. The Landing is an island that you fall back to when you die in the dungeons. Here you can use ancient machines to unlock new powers and items, and meet others who are lost in the Risky Rim and might help you.

Shops and Coins

Capitalism, ho! There are precious coins spread out all over the place and merchants and traders have also started appearing. Gather some gold and buy yourself something nice, you've earned it after all!


We're adding small quest-like things, Objectives, that will give you new challenges during your run. Complete them to advance to the next level! We're planning to add a lot more of them, to make each run feel unique and interesting. If you have any ideas for cool objective, tell us on Discord!

Bug fixes

A lot of minor bugs have been fixed when we switched art style, among other things. But here are some bugs that we've seen you reporting in that we've now solved.

  • Several instances where you could throw your head outside the rooms and end up in the Void
  • Bullets colliding with top-walls when shooting
  • Pin-chans needles getting stuck in the air
  • Picking up health boosting items not actually increasing health
  • Collisions being wonky and not working all the time
  • Throwing your head into a not-yet-explored room keeps it dark until you move

There are still some bugs in this patch, but if you find any, please leave a comment or post it on our Discord!

If you wondering why we've haven't uploaded anything in a while, please read this post.


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Apr 10, 2019

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