Why we haven't uploaded in a while

Balancing life and games

Sometimes balancing game development and your own personal life can be tricky, to say the least. We have been developing A Good Day to Die on our spare time for the past 7 months, while working or studying on the side, and it hasn’t always been easy. Sacrificing sleep, social life and free time for a dream project is obviously not easy and there was a moment in December where some of us were close to burning out and we chose to put the development on hold to fix our personal lives before things got out of hand.

A month ago we had to accept that we couldn’t work as hard as we wanted to. The balance of work, game dev and life wasn’t working out and we started focusing on getting more out of the time we spend on development. This involved better planning, better communication and setting reasonable and attainable goals for ourselves.

What will this mean for you?

Unfortunately, updates and patches will take longer to reach you but we’ll be focusing a lot more on replayability and progression, so you can enjoy A Good Day to Die a lot more in the time between updates.

There will be some bugs and glitches, but we’ll keep an eye out for them and try to fix them before the next update. While we’re on the topic, I cannot stress enough how much it helps us out when you post bugs you’ve found in our Discord. It saves us a lot of time play testing and we’ve so grateful to all you who have done so in the past.


That brings us to today, we are feeling much better, our lives are more stable and we’re super pumped to keep developing! Our next update is almost complete and will be released in 2 weeks, on the 8th of April. In it we’ll be introducing coins and shops, a home base, a new pixel art style, a new level structure and tons of bug fixes.

You can check out the more information about the update here!

Get Roll, Die, Go Home

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