Prologue release!

After 4 weeks in development, we can finally present FERMI to you!

It's our first time making a more story-driven game, but we're really proud of the result. It felt a bit sketchy at first, but as the art, music and story started to come together it felt like we had something going. So what's the game? FERMI is a Story-driven Adventure Platformer where you travel between planets and explore their dead civilizations, searching for an answer. An answer to the age-old question. Are we all alone?

Taking the leap into high-count pixelart was a huge challenge, but our artists did a great job and created a beautiful world. 

As for our designer, he had a "fun" time writing all the dialogue. And by "fun" we mean a non-stop, gut-punching, eye-rolling cringe fest. But after he'd got some feedback, the dialogue turned out pretty nice!

This was intended as a prologue to a much bigger game, that we hope to develop in the future. We hope you enjoy FERMI and if you want to follow our development, join our Discord for sneak peaks and discussions.

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Aug 14, 2018


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