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You killed Velvet! Bastards! ...and demo over :(

I had to censor some language, since I run a family friendly channel, but fun game!

Hey! Your game looks great and love the concept. Are you interested in working with a publisher for your full release? Let me know if you are, I work for one and we'd love to talk more about your game :) If you're interested let me know, email: 


Great concept, art style is wonderful, magnetic mechanic great idea.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks! :D

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hello, really like anything fermi concept related and platforrmers so really want to play this. on my ubuntu 18.4 blade the pointer on the opening screen and gameplay is a large glitchy rectangle and doesnt match the movements so cant use the menus and guns  properly . otherwise love the art style and gameplay and want to play it asap.

Apologies. We haven't really had time to test the linux build. But we'll see if we can upload a fix. Hold tight!

The linux build has been updated, with a fix for the cursor issue. Hopefully it works!

Looking Good! The Cursor is a tiny little dot now and seems to be accurate.