New stuff and major rework!

Long time no see fam!

Sorry for the lack of updates, we’ve been very busy the last month with a lot of stuff that I’ll get into soon. But now we’re up to speed and ready to churn out a bunch of stuff for you to enjoy ^^

Okay, so what have we’ve been up to?


We pitched A Good Day to Die to a start-up incubator (The Game Incubator to be more precise) and they loved it! So they provided us with a really nice office! There are some other noteworthy companies in this incubator as well, the Raft team (Redbeet Interactive) and Passpartout team (Flamebait Studios) being two of many. 


We are in the process of rebuilding the entire game from 2D to 3D. No, not like that. Like this:

In-game everything will look the same, but feel and play muuuuuch better. We kinda had to do this in order to solve some of the big game-breaking bugs, like how you can’t shoot when you’re running along a wall.


We have reworked a large part of the gameplay and personally I am really pumped about it! We have implemented an “UItimate bar” which fills up as you beat up enemies and when it’s full you can unleash a devastating ultimate attack which usually wrecks the entire room. After unleashing the ultimate your head rerolls, equipping you new a new power. This will replace the old system where the dice rerolled when entering a new room.

As a part of that we have also reworked every all Dice Powers (that being Die-namite, Die-sease, Slice & Dice and Rage) and now all of them are unique in how they attack, sometimes you have a melee attack, sometimes it’s ranged, and like with a future one it’s all about the setup for the ultimate.

The cubes above are concepts for the dice heads that will change depending on which dice power you have equipped. We’ll show more of them during the week on Discord and Twitter!

Alright, that’s it for now! If you haven’t already, join our Discord to keep up to date with new alpha-builds and devlogs!

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